Unexpected Day

I woke up not expecting to have a day as great as today turned out. Woke up and cleaned the apartment with my friend. It seemed like the most ordinary day. Then I remembered I had plans, which rarely ever happens cause me and my friend usually just wing it.

I had plans with my church friends, meeting at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, just to chill since one is leaving for India for two months. Yes, two full months! We were the first ones there, and then everyone else started showing up like 45 minutes later. But time with Cheryl is always great, so it really didn’t matter to us.

We played Uno, had a ton of double chocolate and quiches and just had good ol’ fun! Then we decided to walk to Marine Drive to watch the sunset. From there we walked to Galle Face, which is a beach within the city of Colombo. That was great! It’s Vesak in Sri Lanka, The Lantern Festival, so Galle Face was FULL! Food trucks and stalls, little kids (as Β well as big kids) flying beautiful kites. The Sunset seemed to set especially beautiful today because I was surrounded by people I loved and knew love me back! We just sat there, talking about all sorts of stuff while enjoying spiced pineapple, which is the best!!!

I’d never really had Christian friends before I came here. I mean, I had friends who identified as Christian but having friends that share the same beliefs as you is amazing. It allows you to grow and think in ways you had never imagined, just like iron sharpens iron. I got home after 8 PM, tired, a little sweaty and astonishingly, content.

I got a few snaps of the sunset and thought to share them with you guys! I am hoping you had a good day too, or going to have one. I, on the other hand, am about to curl up in bed and start the last chapter of Khaled Hosseini’s And The Mountains Echoed.


The sun from Marine Drive


Galle Face right after the sun set


More Kites


Sunset Streaks



11 thoughts on “Unexpected Day

  1. Beautiful pictures Peela. Glad you had a great day. And The Mountains Echoed I heard is a great book but haven’t read yet, and I really liked A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini.

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