25th Year

Unlikely. When I got on the plane back to Colombo, I said goodbye to beautiful waters and white sand, knowing I was never going to be back. If life allowed, maybe years down the line I would be able to afford it. The operational word being IF.

I believe in life being unpredictable. I finished university on the very last day of January, 2018. This was marked by the submission of my dissertation. I had planned to roam around for a month and then be gone by the end of March. But those plans changed so abruptly. I wanted to be home for my Sister’s Surprise Housewarming and my brother’s birthday. Yup, you guessed it, didn’t happen. It sucked, yes, but after a while, you get used to missing stuff. And these were just one of those things.

But lo and behold, I got the best 25th birthday gift from my sister. A plane ticket to Maldives. Since I couldn’t spend my birthday at home, she figured spending it with my best friend was the next best thing. To top all that off, we spent a night in Shangri-La, in a water villa. Yes, a villa completely surrounded by water and we spotted a couple of giant turtles just flapping around in the water. Coolest thing, I tell you! I got to take the ferry and the launch this time too, and it’s confirmed: I’m a sucker for boat rides.

If you’d told me in 2014 that I’d be in Maldives when I hit the big 25, I’d have called you crazy and reminded you that I’m no Bill Gates daughter. Below, are some of the images.


Random pictures of me


Sunsets on bean bags


Five Star Dueces


Tried to catch the sunset, but only found dramatic clouds


A yacht speeding while a storm rages on the other island


Upon arrival


Shangri La Villingili reception area while we took a walk at night


Me and my best friend


A storm on another island in the atoll


Other water villas

13 thoughts on “25th Year

  1. Beautiful Peela! You’ll be back! You have to! I say the same thing about going back to Maui someday. Never thought I’d go in the first place but one day I will go back. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Maldives is on my bucket list. Maybe we can go together in that far away future! 🙂 ❤

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