Mother: The Verb

Growing up a black child, I was no stranger to spanking, especially with Mama being the perpetrator. As I grew up and closer to my Mom, the dynamics of our relationship changed too. I realize now that I am a young adult that I was a pretty naughty child. Mama could never hide anything from me. I am not sure if I was born with FBI instincts or she was just horrible at hiding things from me. But I ALWAYS found stuff. Β This includes even the things I wasn’t looking for. As much as I know I was not all that horrible a child, but I am grateful she never broke me. Thanks Mom!

A friend mentioned it was Mother’s Day today and asked me what I was doing today. I said, “well, the usual, you know, cleaning…laundry. It’s a normal Sunday here.” I could literally hear here roll her eyes at me. But I knew deep down inside she knew why.

I talk to my Mother every single day! For those who don’t know, I am a student studying abroad and so, naturally, I am thankful for technology! We don’t let the timezone difference get in the way. And since she and my sister are my closest friends, they are the first people I call when I am super happy (or not) or when I feel like my world is falling apart (or not). Basically, they know everything. When I have a story to tell, they always get the full story with 17 other side stories on top. You get the picture, right?

So Mother’s Day for me is not a thing. I tell my Mother I love her every single day before I hang up. Sometimes, she gets my normal boring voice. Sometimes, it’s in my cute voice. And on good days, it’s in a foreign language. I know how to say I love you in more languages than you’d care to know. But yeah, that’s how I keep it spicy πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

I am also pretty lucky that my Mom likes my friends. One friend went to drop off something at her office one time, and when she texted me, she said Mama had hugged the fatigue out of her. That made me smile, a big, goofy smile! Though my friends call her Mom too, as if she were their Mom also, I always remind them not to get too comfortable in my absence. She beat the s$%t out of me growing up, and through my stripes, I earned her. She is MINE! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I love her to the very core of me and I hope she too knows that deeeeep down inside. We try to do random things for her, with me coordinating, of course, and she always cries like a baby when she happy (or sad, or any emotion outside of her normal scope). And we love her to bits. Every. Single. Day.


Me and my best friends


This one is fuzzy because she can’t stay still long enough for a good picture. Sigh.

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