Moment #2: Tired

Moment #1: Facts

As soon as she shut the door and locked it, she walked to one corner and sank to the floor. Head on her knees, she let the tears fall. Tears she had told to stay put for a long time. Tears she refused to let go off, because he had never deserved them.

But now, she wasn’t crying because of him and everything he had done to her. She was crying for herself.

She was tired.

She was tired of being strong.

She was tired of acting like she was okay.

She was tired of not acknowledging her brokenness.

She was tired of wishing she could pack and leave her life on the bookshelf, to be picked up someone stronger and more resilient.

She was tired.

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Moment #3: Only One

7 thoughts on “Moment #2: Tired

  1. Oh! .. I really like this. I feel like I can totally feel that, and relate. The times I have really sat in silence and cried, cried it all out… they were times that I felt so tired of all things you mentioned. TIred of being strong, tired of being okay, tired of taking care of everyone else before taking care of me.

    Loved it. ❀

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