In Time


They say good things come to those who wait.
Guess I haven’t waited long enough to love and cherish you like you deserve.
To appreciate the beauty of your smile and the softness of your laugh.

I stopped lying to myself after I realised that I was afraid to let you go Continue reading


fishingWhile vacationing in Maldives last December, one of the things we did was go fishing. To me, a child of a landlocked country, it didn’t sound too horrible. We went off around 9pm. And everything was ready, everyone having a line, we threw them in and waited.

We waited. And waited. Let me just mention: I don’t consider myself as an impatient person. But the wait was not short! On the bright side, I did catch a fish. A red snapper. Then had to Google if red snappers were Kosher [hehehe]
But while we waited, I came to my first conclusion: Fishing is not a hobby I would pick. Maybe when I am 65 and have faaar less things to do/ can think of less better things to do instead of sitting around waiting for fish . Continue reading